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«One listen to Twiceful Mind and their voice will resonate between the ears; equal parts joyous and provocative.»

Ammar Kalia,The Guardian

blue flame

New single and video out now.

The visionary story of a woman who through the art transforms her own nature. She evolves into a new self, mutates her skin, transforms her face.

To promote their latest single, ‘Blue Flame’, Twiceful Mind collaborates with fashion designer and artist, Natascia Menegatti and international artist Vincenzo Marsiglia to create an ambitious video. Filmed in the beautifully historic Castello Sforzesco in the City of Vigevano, Ale's hometown in Italy.
Playing on the themes of duality, doubling and riven identity that permeate Twiceful Mind’s work, the visuals tell a story of self-expression and exhibition found through art and music.

live shows

No live shows announced

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Twiceful Mind challenge the meaning of performance as a duo. Blurring the boundaries of genre, their collaboration is both intimately involved yet distinctly separate. Musician and producer, singer and writer, artist and performer. Through a raw, yet soulful, vocal power and intuitive production and arranging, they combine this songwriting sensibility with a performative intensity that has seen them already craft striking live shows, inventive videos, and – most importantly – music.