«The project aims to provoke a dialog between disciplines, bringing strangers together while delving deeper into popular music through orchestral and electronic arrangements»


Inertia: Prelude to Twiceful Mind

Through an immersive audio-sensory experience, which combines digital art, installation art and live music, Twiceful Mind creates a unique live interpretation of their first release, ‘Inertia’, in collaboration with artist Black Lune, presented for the first time at Camden People's Theatre, London.


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«With electronica providing subtle currents of emotion, the brass and strings imbue the track with a sense of grandeur, whilst the vocals provide layers of sublime humanity to the overall lush and sweeping sound.» Mark Buckley, Analogue Trash



Animated video

Containing movement within stasis and meditative freedom within structure, the visuals, created by motion graphic designers Monica Presti and Andrea Stragapede, provide evocative visual interpretations.

«Our aim is to bring music lovers to an art exhibition, museum-goers to a live gig»

Inertia Prelude to Twiceful Mind at Camden's People Theatre-1
Inertia Prelude to Twiceful Mind at Camden's People Theatre-2
Prelude to Twiceful Mind Camden's People Theatre-3
Prelude to Twiceful Mind Camden's People Theatre-4


Acquaforte / Acquatinta

The pair travelled to Italy to rediscover one of the oldest printmaking techniques at the Stamperia d’Arte Roberto Giudici. There, Teo spent two days experimenting with the etching (acquaforte) technique and made these two beautiful prints.

'Inertia' aquatint was part of the ‘Tomorrow’s world’ exhibition at Atom Gallery in London.

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Spectators. 21x15cm

Inertia. 21x30cm

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